Casual Men's Fashion: 10+ Different Casual Outfits For Men

Casual Men's Fashion: 10+ Different Casual Outfits For Men

There is a certain kind of power that comes with styling the clothes right, especially for men. While most men don’t seem to care about the grooming and styling aspects, the scenario has now changed. There exist just as many trends in fashion for men as they do for women. Also, there is an ever-growing list of bloggers, YouTube channels, and Instagram influencers to render abundant advice to men on how to dress better.

The casual dressing style for men is often restricted to formals, so even when the plan is for a casual outing, you’ll see them donning formal shirts with jeans or other bottom wear. Casual clothing styles for men are much more different and easier to come up with than formal and ethnic wear, which is exactly why men must know the basics of styling. 

No one is a fan of wearing formal shirts and suits every day. As such, we are here to give you an overview of premium casual wear in men’s wardrobes and how can they dress casually in a comfortable way. Firstly, let’s look at the essentials and basics of casual outfits for men, and then we will move on to some not-so-common casual outfit ideas for men.

A] Men’s Outfit Staples or Must-Have Clothes

There are certain staple outfits that every guy must have in his wardrobe. These are timeless clothing pieces that every man must own, something he can pull from the closet even at the very last minute and still end up with a fashionable and presentable look.

1. Jeans and T-shirts

    The first rule of men’s outfit staples is to never disregard the power of solid jeans and t-shirt combination. Here, baggy t-shirts with clever or funny sayings or cartoon characters are not the ones we are talking about. These need to be worn only with pajamas or be kept into the home-only section of your closet.

    • Stick to t-shirts with solid colors and if you’re going for patterns, go for thin horizontal stripes in contrasting colors.
    • Avoid vertical stripes because they give out more of a soccer referee vibe and that isn’t the one we’re going for.
    • You can add a little edge to the outfit with a V-neck t-shirt or a fitted Henley.

    2. Classic Denim

      Contrary to popular opinion, denim isn’t expensive. There are many afforable types of denim that you can choose from. They must, however, be of good quality, one that last for a long time. Buying a good pair of denim is like an investment, so you must invest in several good pairs. Also, ensure that you take proper care of them by keeping them stain-free.

      • Avoid over-washing your denims as it leads the quality pigment of the denim to fade away faster.
      • Stick to zero graphic designs on the denim, and make sure you leave the flared, baggy styles of denim for the kids to wear. 

      3. Layering Essentials 

        Layering is one of the very thoughtful essentials of styling for men. As a cardinal rule of casual fashion, men must have a neutral assortment of comfortable and stylish sweaters. These sweaters can be embellished a bit to elevate the look; you can go for toggles in place of buttons, oversized pockets, and vibrant colours that’ll go a long way with your casual look.

        4. Footwear

          While these essentials are important, so are shoes when a look needs to be completed. Suede desert boots, classic loafers, and boat shoes are a must-have as they render a certain kind of distinction to your outfit, ones that sneakers alone cannot offer. However, if you do decide to go with sneakers, ensure they’re clean and sleek. 

          B] Different Casual Outfits for Men

          Now that the must-haves are sorted out, let’s move to a set of different casual outfits for men: 

          • The classic white t-shirt is like classic wine - it gets better as it ages! The white t-shirt is a casual yet sexy form of clothing that you can pair with joggers or jeans, and it’ll still look like one of the finest forms of casual clothing a man can own.
          • You can pair a white t-shirt with black denim and white sneakers, or you can go for a pair of suspenders and beige chinos with tasselled loafers and finish the look with a straw hat. 
          • If you want a grunge look, pair your white t-shirt with a chain around your neck as an accessory, rugged jeans, and a pair of suede shoes. 
          • A good pair of jeans will never be a waste of money. You can pair cropped or ripped denim with a pair of converse shoes, wear a long t-shirt over distressed denim and complete the outfit with canvas sneakers. 
          • You can also throw over a plain tee with a pair of clean jeans and opt for sneakers. This is the perfect weekend outfit
          • Suave casual shirts are the perfect must-haves to make a statement from date nights or casual parties. We have some ideas in store for you; pair a light blue shirt with folded-up chinos and white sneakers with a pair of sunnies to complete the look.
          • You can also go for a classic button-down shirt with a not-so-classic pair of ripped skinny jeans and a pair of Vans. These are winning combinations for a casual day out or a touristy trip. 
          • If you’re looking to win hearts, choose a printed suave shirt with high waist trousers and blow-dry your hair. 
          • We suggest joggers if you’re going for a grocery run or just a trip about here and there nearby. Pair joggers with a graphic tee and sunnies if you’re going for a ‘hip appeal’.
          • Hoodies feel like a warm hug yet make you look cool and casual on the outside. Pick a drawstring hoodie and pair it with a baseball cap to achieve the title of the coolest person on the block. This is quite an easy casual look for men to achieve. 

          To sum up

          While all of these combinations are smashing, selecting one out of them depends on the kind of vibe you’re trying to go for. Hoodies, tracks, and joggers are suggested for an errand or a very casual outing, while chinos, suave shirts, and denim are for casual yet formal look.

          In the end, it all comes down to what kind of vibe you want to project and what mood you are in for the day. All of these combinations are fun to style and fashionable to project. You can also pair up multiple of these, and you have your outfits for the week already designed for you. This is one of the easiest ways to plan your outfits for the week with minimum effort since we all know the importance of looking good.
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