Buying Baby Clothes Online? 6 Important Factors to Consider

Buying Baby Clothes Online? 6 Important Factors to Consider

Buying baby clothes is fun thanks to the wide collection ranging from western to ethnic wear to formal, casual, and even party wear. But, this makes picking out the best outfits for a newborn an overwhelming task. Thus, below we have mentioned a few tips that can help you pick baby clothes online. Along with these tips, we have also listed down a few trending newborn baby clothes that you can purchase today!

  • Factors to Consider While Buying Baby Clothes
  1. Fabric: Wondering which is the best fabric for kids clothes? Well, cotton is considered the best fabric to use for a newborn as it is light, breathable, and airy. A few others that you can consider are bamboo rayon fabric, fleece, among others. Since newborn babies have sensitive skin, choosing the right fabric (free from harmful chemicals) is essential.
  • Lawn cotton: Baby clothes made from cotton is lightweight, gentle and soft against the baby’s skin. Organic cotton is safe for babies and can prevent allergies.
  • Fleece: Light fleece is used for kid’s winter wear as an alternative to It is easily washable, dries quickly and is resistant to stains.
  1. Size: Suppose you buy a party dress for your baby girl and it doesn't fit her. It is a big disappointment, isn’t it? Also, getting a refund or an exchange is another hassle. Thus, always make sure you check the size before you buy baby clothes. While buying a baby dress online, check the size chart provided by the seller and check the length and fit. It is also advisable to buy baby clothes that are one size bigger as babies grow at a quick pace. Moreover, go for clothes that are easy to wear & remove, so you won't face any issue while feeding or changing the diaper.
  1. Functionality and Style: All parents want to dress their kids stylishly and have a wardrobe filled with trendy outfits. As a parent, we all want our children to have a sense of fashion from the beginning. Thus, pick clothes in different styles to gauge which suits them better. You can also pick baby clothes based on a particular occasion.
  • Your baby’s comfort should be the #1 consideration when picking an outfit. This will ensure the baby is happy and carefree throughout. Mostly stick to causal clothes that your child can wear throughout the day.
  • For a party, you can opt for a baby suit. This is an ideal choice for newborn babies, as it is both stylish and functional.
  • Baby rompers and onesies are a few other choices that can add style to your baby's wardrobe.
  • Lastly, select clothes that will last through several washes. Babies change outfits several times a day, usually after a diaper change or a feeding. Therefore, pick clothes that dry quickly. Here, avoid knit and woolen clothes for babies.
  1. Safety: When you buy baby clothes online, it is important to determine if they are safe for your baby. What do we mean by safe? By safe we mean, avoid clothes with hooks, large buttons, or stones that might cause accidental choking. Avoid accessories and decorative items, as they are a choking hazard. Always opt for chemical-free clothes for further safety. In short, choose clothes that are skin-friendly, hazard-free, and meet the required safety standards.
  1. Occasion/Season: Another excellent tip to buying clothes for newborn babies is to pick an outfit based on the season or occasion. There are ample choices for kids clothes for every season, event or festive occasion.
  • Choose breathable clothes in neutral colours for summer, and bright clothes in fleece for winter. Selecting an out-of-season outfit will not only add to your baby's discomfort, but would also be a waste of money.
  • Likewise, keep the daily clothes simple and casual without too much fuss. While for birthdays and festive occasions, you can select an outfit based on a theme.

Purchasing occasion and season-appropriate clothing can save you the last minute hassle. Read through the product description carefully, as it will let you know about the fabric used.

If you overlook this, you will end up purchasing clothes that might cause discomfort to your baby, making them cranky. Also, minimal is the best way to dress up a newborn baby. This will ensure both you and your baby are happy.

  1. Cost: While selecting baby clothes for newborns online, don’t jump straight to the cheapest section to save money. The cheapest options may not always be the right choice for your baby. Everyone looks for affordable options but compromising on your baby’s comfort (smile) shouldn’t be an option. When you purchase high-quality products, you are putting your baby’s safety and health first. This should be the top-most consideration alongside comfort.

B] Latest Baby Girl and Baby Boy Clothes

  • Body Suit For Baby Boy: This bodysuit for a baby boy is a two-piece set with a round neckline and snap button shoulders. It features the print of stars and moon in the front and is a perfect selection for your baby to wear for an evening walk to the park. Made from the finest material, this bodysuit is ideal for summers and available in blue colour for a 6 to 12-month-old baby.
  • Summertime Jumpsuit For Baby Girl: This jumpsuit for girls is made from lightweight, soft and durable fabrics. It is a colorful, fuss-free dress offering optimal comfort and can be worn for casual outings. Let your girl feel free as she dances around the room to her favorite tunes in this cute-little jumpsuit.
  • Three-Piece Set For Baby Boy: Looking for causal newborn baby boy clothes online? Check out this stylish three-piece set. Let your baby boy step foot into the fantasyland wearing this three-piece set. It has a round neck, long sleeves, features front embroidery and is paired with a contrasting drawstring animal-print pant and a matching bib.
  • Casual Blue Dress For Baby Girl: This blue and white striped dress is a simple outfit well-suited for an afternoon party. It is a sleeveless dress with a round neckline featuring a contrast coloured bow at the waistband. This dress is available for 12 months to up to 6-year-old-baby.
  • Blue Striped Romper For Baby Boy: This cute baby romper in vibrant blue and white stripes is an ideal casual and daily wear for a baby boy. This romper is made from soft, breathable material and will be gentle on the kids' skin. This romper is suitable for 3 to 18 month-old-baby.
  • Bunny Cotton Set For Baby Girl: Style your little one in a two-piece bodysuit that has a round neckline and snap button shoulders. It features a cute bunny embroidered on the front. Available for kids from age of 3-12 months, this is a perfect baby girl outfit for special occasions.


As explained above, consider these factors while buying baby clothes online. Aside from making your life easier, it will ensure your baby is comfortable in their clothing. A happy and carefree child will also bring a smile to your face. Thus, make the most of these tips, and to learn more about kids styling, check out this comprehensive blog.

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