8 Must-Have Business Casual Women Outfits in 2023!

8 Must-Have Business Casual Women Outfits in 2023!

In a professional setting, first impressions matter a lot. Dressing appropriately for your work environment is very important as it can leave a positive impression in the minds of your colleagues, higher management and clients. Some workplaces may also have a dress code and following the code can communicate that you are responsible and dependable.

But following a professional dress code does not mean that you need to be uncomfortable with button-up shirts, blazers and suit pants. The business casual dressing style has been popular for quite some time, and its popularity has only been rising, especially among women.

It combines formal outfits with casual clothing elements. Business casual attire for women can be a great medium to express your personality while maintaining your professionalism. In this article, we will explain eight tips on how you can style business casual women's outfits for a modern aesthetic.

A] 8 Ways To Style Workwear: Business Casuals For Women:

1. Look Chic With Pastel Tops:

When done right, pastel tops can look pretty and chic, making your wardrobe feel refreshed. The Insua top white, Aalskeri top pink and the Skyros top light blue shown above are undeniably elegant as well as versatile. The Insua & Aalskeri tops are made with 60% cotton and 40% polyester, while the Skyros top is made with 100% cotton, making them well-suited for summer.

You can pair these pastel tops with a blazer on top with either skirts, chinos or dress pants to add the business element of business casual. Minimal accessories such as a thin chain around the neck, bracelets and a smartwatch or a traditional analogue watch can definitely help to elevate the look.

2. Experiment With Subtle Styles With Colour Variety:

One of the prominent differences between women’s business attire and women's business casual outfits is that business casual gives the freedom to incorporate more colours. Instead of the usual neutral colours like beige, black, white and brown, you can try combinations of various bright & bold colours.

The Palmer canary top, Isabela orange top & the Tubuai green top are all comfortable tops suitable for any business setting. A blazer, vest or cardigan in a neutral colour can be a perfect addition to complete the business casual look while being a contrast to the colourful tops.

3. Pretty Pink Work Outfit Ideas:

It is important to add style and flair to your workwear when you are trying to leave a lasting impression. The colour pink looks good on every woman as it adds a bold feminine look to a rather dull outfit and is also perfect for all seasons.

Consider adding pastel pink outfits to your wardrobe, especially tops made with 100% cotton, such as the Pelee top pink, the Sumbawa T-shirt light pink, and the Redonda top light pink. You can pair these tops with formal white skirts or pants, and you are good to go.

4. Master The Business Look With Classy White Tops:

White is the most basic colour making it extremely versatile. Since it is a neutral colour it can be paired with any coloured bottoms, from black jeans and dress pants to a bold-coloured skirt, palazzo pants or even chinos. Minimal accessories like a belt, boots and silver jewellery can help you look more elegant.

If you are looking for white cotton tops that will help you look classy, try these: the Falser top white, the Exuma top white, and the Sable top white

5. Go For The All-Business Look With Maroon Tops:

Maroon is a versatile colour in the sense that it can be worn as a statement piece but when paired with a brighter colour it can also act as a neutral. For women's trendy business casual attire, you can either pair a maroon top with a bright-coloured jacket or a blazer or take the opposite route and pair a darker neutral colour like black or brown.

Add a beige, khaki or brown-coloured bottom to create contrast. With a dark colour such as maroon, you could also add a bold-coloured scarf or jewellery as your statement piece. If you are looking for elegant maroon tops at an affordable price here are a few suggestions: the Sumbawa t-shirt maroon, and the Pelee top maroon

6. Pair Navy Blue Stylish Tops With Formal Bottomwear:

Navy blue tops are the most basic business casual outfits for women. Navy blue outfits for women look beautiful and stylish and can be easily pulled off by anyone.

When experimenting with something simple and elegant like the Sable top navy,  jacket and formal pants can be perfect on the other hand when trying out tops with prints such as the Marquesas top blue and the Futura top navy, pairing them with formal chinos, a blazer and navy coloured heels will be the stylish choice.

7. Pair The Right Accessories With Business Casual Dresses:

Pairing the right accessories with business casual dresses can elevate the look of the outfit and raise the casual elements of the style while also incorporating the business aspects. Dresses are the perfect casual wear for women as they are comfortable and minimal while also being elegant.

A leather bag, metallic watch, and scarves can be the perfect accessory for an amazing business casual look with a flowy and light dress such as the Baixa dress denim, the Corfu dress yellow, the Cagada dress striped, and the Euboea dress light blue.

8. Stylish Sweatshirts For Cold Weather:

Generally, sweatshirts are not considered business casual dress for women, but you might need to style them formally for the cold weather, so here’s how you can style your sweatshirtStart with a sweatshirt in a neutral colour such as navy, maroon, black, white or brown. Layer the sweatshirt over a light-coloured formal shirt and pair them with dress pants for a sophisticated look. A blazer in a complementary colour can be the perfect accessory for this look.

Here are some sweatshirt recommendations for business casual attire: the Lombok sweatshirt wine red, the Ouvea navy sweatshirt, and the Viti white floral sweatshirt

B] Conclusion:

Business casuals have taken over many sectors and have become a new dressing norm. Business casuals for women maintain professionalism but also promote good company culture and an individual’s comfort. Business casual outfits make you look responsible, mature and collected while also adding flair and personality to your outfits creating a positive image in the minds of the seniors and clients.

We hope this blog has given you a brief idea about how you can create unique business casual outfits for yourself daily. If you are looking for beautiful as well as sophisticated attires to pair with your business casual look, go ahead and try our products mentioned above or you could also browse through our exclusive collection of premium casual wear and put together a business casual outfit.

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