Bonding Over New Year Resolutions

Bonding Over New Year Resolutions

It’s the end of another year, and the end of everything brings around the chance for a new beginning. It’s the time that every individual in the world treats as the time to start afresh, re-evaluate their life and set new goals.

From a very young age, you hear the words ‘New Year Resolutions’. These magical words hold in them the power to make you believe that your dreams are achievable by writing them down on a piece of paper every year on the first of January.

Here are some tips you can use to help your kids set healthy goals while keeping it fun and enjoyable!

1) Turn it into a creative activity

There is one thing children love more than everything else - it is the chance to make a mess! Jotting down resolutions doesn’t have to be boring with only a pen and paper. Invoke your kid's creative side, and turn it into a fun activity. Nudge them into trying new ways to put down their resolutions - maybe they can write it down on a piece of paper, fold them into little stars and put them into a bowl! This would keep them involved and excited about the process!

2) Make resolutions together

A child playing alone is good, but one with company is always bound to be happier! Drafting resolutions can be something that you and your child can bond over. While they make theirs, you can tell them yours to give them a good direction. Treat this also an opportunity to get your kids to enable good habits while listening to their suggestions of what they need for you. If you’re able to get them to write down that they’ll eat fruit every day, maybe you can have a resolution that you’ll take them to the park at least once a week! Make it a quid pro quo.

Together, you and your children can also plan family resolutions of the year like learning how to play a sport by the end of the year or just eating more green food in everyday life! Family bonding type is very important in this increasingly digital world, and this can be a way to ensure that it doesn’t get lost!

Some more fun ideas for family resolution times -

- We’ll spend 30 minutes every week playing outside for fresh air and exercise.

- We’ll only go out for fast food a limited number of times a week, and eat healthier the other times.

- No electronic gadgets will be used during family dinner time, instead, they will be time used to share daily happenings with each other.

- we’ll watch one movie a week that can be watched by the whole family, kids and parents.

3) Promote a habit of healthy resolutions and goals 

New Year Resolutions should be treated as a stepping stone towards planning small goals you want to achieve. Sit with your children and teach them how to utilize this tool to set achievable, healthy goals. This will teach them discipline and could also instill in them a habit that will benefit them in the long run.

Another thing you should teach them is the adaptability with your resolutions. New year resolutions are made to be a prophecy of the coming year, written by the individual. When the first month of the year comes to a close, so does the inspiration which drove you to write those resolutions. Teach your children that when it comes to goals, amending will always be better than abandoning. If they find themselves falling short, they can adjust it to what is possible for them! Instead of a book a week, maybe they can read a book a month! As long they read something.

Conclusion -

Your kids are going to come across a lot of traditions and rituals, but how they see it and use can depend entirely on your handling as a parent! So make the most of the opportunities, and get yourself and your children ready for a goal-oriented 2022!


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