10 Best Mens' Dress Colour Combination | A Complete Guide

10 Best Mens' Dress Colour Combination | A Complete Guide

When it comes to fashion, the importance of wearing the right colour scheme and combination cannot be ignored. And fashion is not just for women; due to the rise in the fashion industry, men's fashion has also gained popularity. The colours you choose for your outfit have a significant impact on your overall appearance, style, and confidence.

A well thought colour combination can also elevate the casual wear for men as well as professional, making you stand out from the crowd.

Let us learn about the 10 best men's dress colour combinations and enhance your style game.

10 Best Mens' Dress Colour Combination

1. Black & White

When it comes to men’s dress combinations, black and white stands as an all-time classic that never fails to impress. The high contrast between these two colours creates an elegant impact. Also, it is important to note that black and white can lean towards the formal side, depending on how they are incorporated into an outfit.

Black and white is the best colour combination for men which is also often associated with formal events such as ball parties, during Cannes, where the highest level of dress code is expected.

Style our cuenca t-shirt black with skinny trousers for a sleek and contemporary ensemble that effortlessly combines comfort and fashion-forward flair.

2. Pink & Grey

*Image Reference: Malcolm Garret

Gone are the days when pink was associated with women's fashion. Nowadays, pink and grey have emerged as a stylish dress colour combination for men, offering a sophisticated appearance. This combination allows for a range of shades, from light pink to dark grey, creating a balanced and complementary look. When selecting pink and grey outfits, it's essential to consider your skin tone.

Men with fair skin can opt for brighter pinks, while those with duskier complexions may find pastel pinks more flattering. Additionally, accessories like ties, pocket squares, and socks can enhance your outfit.

3. Monotone

Monotone outfits offer men a straightforward path to achieve a polished and sophisticated appearance. By wearing a single colour, you effortlessly create a refined look. Achieving the monotone style involves incorporating various shades of the same colour. Consider for example the outfit in the above picture, the ensemble includes a metropolitan white shirt from harbour9 paired with off-white pants.

When selecting the colour for a monotone outfit, it's crucial to consider how it complements your skin tone and hair colour. This ensures that the chosen hue harmonises with your overall style, resulting in a fashionable and well-coordinated look.

4. Incorporating Black

Black is a highly versatile colour that effortlessly fits into men's fashion. Its compatibility with a wide range of colours, from vibrant tones to neutrals, allows for easy coordination with the rest of your wardrobe. Consider pairing our black rubio sweatshirt with neutral pants, like the one you can see in the model wearing in the picture.

A timeless and stylish addition is a black leather jacket, while a black suit is an excellent choice for formal occasions. Neutral shades like grey, white, and navy blue complement black exceptionally well. When you buy t-shirts for men online, it's important to ensure quality by purchasing from reputable online retailers. By incorporating different colours, textures, and fabrics, men can infuse variety into their outfits while still maintaining a classic and elegant style.

5. Blue & White

The timeless combination of blue and white offers a variety of options for men's dress. Blue, being a versatile colour, effortlessly complements white as well as other neutrals like grey and brown. A blue suit with a crisp white shirt is a classic ensemble that can be adapted for both formal and casual occasions with the right accessories.

A light blue shirt is another timeless choice, which can be paired with navy or mid-tone blue ties for a stylish touch. Incorporating blue and white into your wardrobe guarantees an elegant and sophisticated look.

You can also try pairing a navy blue polo shirt with loose white pants  for a crisp and stylish summer look that exudes both sophistication and relaxation.

6. Pink & Blue

*Image Reference:Philip Alves*

When it comes to colour combination for men's clothes, pink and blue offer a stylish and versatile choice. Pink, often associated with softness and femininity, can bring a refreshing touch to a man's outfit when paired with blue.

This colour combination for men works well in various contexts, from formal events to casual gatherings. A light pink shirt paired with a navy blue suit exudes sophistication, while a light blue tie with a pink pattern adds a pop of colour to a more elegant outfit.

7. Olive Green & Brown

For a rugged and earthy look, the combination of olive green and brown is a sophisticated choice. Olive green, which reminds of nature and military attire, pairs exceptionally well with various shades of brown. A classic option is a brown blazer with olive green trousers, creating a sophisticated look.

Experimenting with different shades within these hues allows for versatility, such as an olive green sweater with dark brown pants. This combination evokes a sense of warmth and masculinity, making it an excellent choice for casual or outdoor occasions.

Try pairing harbour9's bottle green polo shirt with light brown pants for a sophisticated and earthy colour combination that exudes timeless elegance and refined style.

8. Red & Beige

When it comes to colour combinations for men's clothes, red and beige is a classic colour scheme. Red, being a bold and vibrant colour, pairs beautifully with the subtle tone of beige. A beige suit paired with a red tie can create a sophisticated look for formal events, while beige pants with a red shirt can create a stylish outfit for more casual occasions.

Ensure that you wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable, and experiment with different colour shades in red and beige to find what works best for you.

You can put together a stylish red and beige outfit with our Contagem beige polo shirt or San Sebastin oyster beige pilot shirt, pairing either with our red all purpose joggers!

9. Tan & Maroon

*Image Reference:Scott Foltz*

When it comes to men's dress colour combinations, tan and maroon stand out as sophisticated choices. Tan serves as a versatile base, while maroon adds depth and elegance. Ideal for formal events or professional settings, opt for tan trousers or a suit paired with a maroon dress shirt or tie. This combination makes a statement and leaves a lasting impression.

Remember to choose high-quality clothes when you buy shirts for men online to avoid colour fading after washing, as low-quality cloth can compromise the overall look.

10. Orange & Blue

Orange t-shirt & blue jeans colour combination

When it comes to men's dress colour combinations, orange and blue offer a vibrant and complementary choice. Orange, a warm and energetic hue, pairs wonderfully with the cool and calming tones of blue.

For a stylish look, consider wearing a navy blue suit with an orange pocket square or tie, adding a pop of colour to your outfit. In a more casual setting, a light blue shirt paired with orange creates a trendy and contemporary attire.

You can also go for a casual look with an orange polo tee paired with your cosy denim. If you want to explore more such vibrant t-shirts, you can browse through our collection and buy t-shirt for men online!


Having an understanding of different colour combinations can have a major impact on your overall appearance. By choosing the right colour combination, you can improve your fashion instinct, which can boost your confidence in the crowd and create a balanced outfit.

Selecting the right colour combination can also complement your natural features, and influence emotions, leaving a lasting impression. In this guide, we’ve covered 10 colour combinations for men. So what are you waiting for? Discover your style with us now!

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