A Beginner's Style Guide: 7 Best Fashion Tips for Women

A Beginner's Style Guide: 7 Best Fashion Tips for Women

Fashion and style are essential parts of everyone’s life. Everyone dresses differently based on their mood, occasion and what they want to express without using words. They let their clothes speak for them. Fashion is intertwined with our lives, both as a tool for personal expression and also as a mark of being a part of a culture. Taking inspiration from trends, celebrities, fashion, blogs etc., you can create a masterpiece of your own, which will make you look your best.

Behavioral experts have observed what we wear can be our source of confidence and representation of our personality. Which is why, when you look your best, you feel good about yourself.

Here are 7 best women's fashion tips that will help you look confident and feel your best!


A. 7 Best Fashion Tips For Women For A Statement Look


1. Embrace Bold Colours:

Eye-catching, iconic bold colours are quickly taking over the fashion world as the latest trends and this trend only seems to get stronger. Bold colours make your outfit pop and stand out from the crowd. It is also quite a contrast to the dull and gloomy look that people were adjusted to during the pandemic. Bold colours have the power to give your outfit personality and depth. Bold colours are a subtle sign that you are not just wearing fashion, you are living it.

Here are some tips for embracing bold wardrobe colours in your style:

    • Pair a colourful piece of clothing with a neutral colour.
    • Get a bright-coloured accessory with a neutral outfit.
    • Try colour blocking.
    • Try bright-coloured jackets.

2. Accessorise Wisely:

Your style is an important part of your personality, but sometimes just picking the right clothes isn’t enough. In such cases, when your wardrobe options or the dress code are limiting your personality, you can incorporate accessories. Accessories are a good way to introduce your signature style without overdoing it. Accessories are a perfect way to elevate your look according to the occasion and can give a stylish look for women; For example, A smartwatch can be a great accessory with business casual clothes for women, while shoes such as sneakers or skater shoes are perfect with casual t-shirts for women for hanging out with friends. An accessory can be anything such as a bag, watch, shoes, jewelry, glasses, etc.

Here are some tips for accessorising:

    • Use accessories according to the occasion.
    • Accessorise according to your style.
    • Accessories do not need to match your outfit.
    • They should be an attention grabber.

3. Mix and Match Patterns:

Incorporating patterns is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to show off your fashion sense. Wearing patterns can be hit or miss, so if you can pull it off, you can be the one to turn people’s heads. The latest trend is to mix and match patterns as it goes against conventional fashion. Mixing patterns and pulling them off perfectly is a mark of trendy fashion women who know their style. As a beginner, you can start with the basic patterns, polka dots, plaids, checks, strips etc.

Here are some tips for mixing patterns:

    • Build a good foundation
    • Incorporate colours
    • Pair bold prints with subtle ones

    4. Invest in High-Quality Shoes:

    Your shoes are one of the first things that a person notices about you. A good pair of shoes can be the determining factor for your entire look. And opting for high-quality shoes can be a great investment as they don’t just look good but also feel good on your feet. High-quality shoes are also reliable, meaning they won’t wear away easily and will last a long time. And as discussed in the above point, shoes can be a great accessory.

    Here are fashion tips for women who want to Invest in High-Quality Shoes:

      • Should feel comfortable.
      • Check sole and material quality.
      • Check if the shoe fits your feet.

      5. Play with Proportions:

      Another good way of standing apart from the crowd with non-conventional fashion is to mix clothing of varied proportions. As the trend for baggy, loose-fitting clothes keeps on rising, you can experiment with oversized clothing which are very comfortable and effortless. Or you can take the other way around and go for fitted clothes to show off your body confidence. You could even mix and match and wear one baggy clothing item with a skin-tight one. You can buy flowy dresses for women online and pair them with fitted leggings or jeans.

      Here are some tips for trying clothes of various proportions:

        • Try an oversized top with a fitted bottom wear
        • Try oversized jackets and blazers with a fitted outfit
        • Wear neutral-coloured oversized jackets with bold-coloured attire

        6. Learn The Art Of Layers:

        Layering is one of the most underrated styling tips for women. Layering can add depth and character to any outfit, and it can be done flawlessly, especially in winter. Layering can help you incorporate various styles, colours, accessories and patterns in your attire, transforming a basic look into an extraordinary one. Layering can give you an outlet to show off your creativity and fashion savant as there are ‘n’ number of outfits that you can create with layering. For example, you can get stylish sweatshirts for women online which are perfect for pairing with any scarfs, jackets or shirts during the winter season, or a denim jacket over t-shirts during the summer and so on.

        Here are some tips for layering:

          • Put bold colours and patterns over neutral colours.
          • Use accessories like scarves, belts and necklaces.

          7. Choose Statement Pieces:

          A statement piece is something that grabs people’s attention and makes your attire more dynamic. A statement piece can make your simple outfit exceptional. Most statement pieces are bold, colourful and quite large, however, that is not the norm. Statement pieces can be anything that reflects your personality and makes you look amazing at the same time. Anything can be a statement piece, a simple accessory, an additional layer of clothing, shoes and so on. It should be unique and something that might seem impractical but it is up to you to make it work with your charisma.

          Here are some tips to help you choose the right statement piece:

            • There should be only one statement piece to your attire.
            • It should look good with your outfit.
            • Wear subtle clothes to make your statement piece pop.

            B. Conclusion

            Style is an important part of everyone’s lives and deep down we all wish that we could be a little more fashionable. Hopefully, the above points will help you give a fresh look to your wardrobe as well as yourself. The above fashion tips of incorporating colour, patterns, layers, shoes, etc. are some of the classic style tips for women, however, giving a modern twist to them can add an all-new dimension to your style and personality.

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