7 Benefits of Cotton T-shirts: Perfect Wardrobe Addition

7 Benefits of Cotton T-shirts: Perfect Wardrobe Addition

Cotton is one of the oldest fabrics used for clothing and various other uses around the world. Cotton cultivation and trade were global businesses in the ancient world, dating back as long as 1500 to 2000 BCE. And even to date, cotton is by far the most common textile used in the fashion industry. This is due to the numerous advantages of cotton fabric. If you open your closet, you will find at least one item of cotton clothing, if not more.

Cotton is also one of the most comfortable and inexpensive fabrics and is perfect for use year-round. Cotton is also an organic material that is repellent to fungus and other harmful microorganisms. In this article, we will list down seven advantages of cotton clothes, specifically t-shirts. We’ll also guide you in your journey to purchase the best cotton t-shirts for your money’s worth.

A] Advantages Of Cotton T-shirts

1. Perfect For Any Season

Cotton t-shirts are very breathable, light and one of the best things to wear during the summer. They let the air pass through quite easily, which helps to cool you down and evaporate your sweat without making you feel itchy and uncomfortable. Most of us believe that cotton t-shirts are only for summer; however, that is not the case. Cotton is a perfect fabric for all seasons. During winter, you can use cotton t-shirts that can provide an extra layer of insulation while also keeping you cool if it gets too warm inside your sweaters and jackets.

2. Made From Natural & Sustainable Fabric

One of the main benefits of cotton fabric is that it is a completely natural and sustainable material. Cotton comes from cotton plants, and most natural blend cotton does not have any other synthetic fibres. Cotton t-shirts, made with 100% cotton, allow proper air circulation, which ensures that you can stay cool even in the warmest of seasons. Another important fact to note, cotton only takes five to six months from planting to harvesting, making it a sustainable crop.

3.  Keeps You Fresh and Cool

Cotton t-shirts are completely natural fabric and provide a higher level of breathing when compared to oil-based synthetic materials such as polyester. Cotton allows more air to flow easily. Such moisture-wicking properties of cotton allow evaporation of your sweat to keep you cool and fresh even on a hot summer’s day. unlike polyester t-shirts. In addition, cotton t-shirts also do not cling to your skin, even if you are soaking in sweat.

4. Extremely Comfortable To Wear For Long Hours

Cotton t-shirts are one of the softest and most comfortable clothes to wear for long hours. Well-fitted men's premium t-shirts will allow you to move freely without much restriction. Cotton t-shirts also provide a layer of insulation between the fabric, which provides an extra layer of protection from the cold during the winter and heat during the summer. And as discussed in the previous point, cotton t-shirts also keep you fresh and cool for a long duration.

5. Non-Allergenic and skin-friendly

If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, wearing cotton t-shirts is highly recommended for you.  Cotton is a hypoallergenic material, which means it does not irritate your skin and in addition, will reduce the intensity of allergic reactions. Cotton t-shirts made from 100% cotton are the best in this category as they do not cling to your skin, reduce rashes and irritation and are generally very light and comfortable.

6. Controls Moisture

Cotton t-shirts are great for moisture control as they absorb moisture better than any other material. Even on a warm summer’s day, if you are sweating continuously, cotton t-shirts can easily dry away your sweat and absorb moisture making them the best choice for weekend wear for men. During higher temperatures, cotton will start to evaporate the sweat from your skin by letting the air pass through. This keeps moisture to a minimum and won’t let it build on your skin.

7. Affordable

Cotton is a fabric of choice for many and cotton crops are harvested in abundance. This makes cotton one of the most affordable textiles in comparison to synthetic materials or even other natural materials such as polyester, silk, etc. Cotton can also be durable hence, it will last long. Cotton t-shirts such as henley, crew neck or branded polo t-shirts for men generally, do not need much upkeep, simple wash and dry is enough to keep them clean and in good condition.

B] Things To Check Before Purchasing A Cotton T-shirt

1. Quality and Durability:

Whenever you are out shopping for casual t-shirts for women or men, the first thing you should notice is the quality and durability of the material. Cotton of high quality is more durable and will last longer. You can check the density and weave of the t-shirt to find out about the quality.

2. Colour of the Cloth

When buying a cotton t-shirt you must check if the dye is even on the surface of the material. If you see the colour fading, it is a sign of poor-quality material. You should also consider that the more you wash such0 fabric, the more the colours will fade away, reducing the longevity of your t-shirt. Which is why you should look for high-quality cotton t-shirts like the ones offered by harbour9.

3. Uniform Finish

The finishing of the cotton t-shirt should be uniform. Meaning, there should not be any loose threads either at the seams or on the surface. You can feel the t-shirt against your skin, remember good quality materials are always smooth and soft.

4. Shrinkage

You should also consider the fact that most cotton clothes, including cotton t-shirts, will shrink up to 10% when washed. There are also pre-washed or pre-shrunk options available in the market.

5. Softness and Comfort

One of the most important factors to consider when buying cotton t-shirts is their softness and comfort. The material should feel soft and light on your skin and you should not feel itching or irritation while wearing the t-shirt.

Although the benefits of cotton clothes, especially t-shirts are numerous, there are several different styles of t-shirts out there. However, if you are interested in revamping your wardrobe with more than just t-shirts, our style guide features a list of 11 Types Of Shirts Every Man Should Have In His Closet. When you go through this style guide, you’ll be able to find shirts made from 100% cotton fabric as well!

C] Conclusion

Cotton can be of various types, but when buying cotton t-shirts you must always remember to buy 100% cotton blend as they are best known for their comfort, softness and quality. But if you do not want to buy 100% cotton t-shirts, cotton polyester and cotton elastane are the next best choice. When buying cotton, remember to follow the guidelines shared in this guide. You should also take good care of cotton t-shirts in order to make them last longer.

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