Beginners Guide To Layering Shirts:  Create Stylish Outfits!

Beginners Guide To Layering Shirts: Create Stylish Outfits!

Layering is a styling technique which can be both functional and fashionable. Layering means wearing one item of clothing or accessory on top of another to create an entirely different outfit. Layering clothes is not a new idea, and even you might have done it a few times in your life, albeit for functional reasons during the winter season.

Layering clothes for men can be as simple as wearing a jacket, muffler or sweater on top of your usual clothes to avoid the cold. In this blog, we will give you five amazing tips for layering t-shirt and shirt for men to level up your style and flair. But first, you should know;

A. How Can Layering Shirts Up The Style Quotient?

In simple words, layering just looks good. Layering adds depth, texture, colour and personality to your outfit. Layering can make a plain shirt look like a million bucks, especially when paired correctly with other pieces of clothing. A simple pair of jeans with a collared shirt and t-shirt looks fine, but it is very basic and ordinary, it will not make people look twice in your direction.

On the other hand, if you wear an outfit with different layers which go well with each other, it shows that you have put thought and effort into your clothing. It gives off an impression that you know your style and are confident in it. By just doing as much as wearing a stylish jacket, watch, or shoes over your shirt or t-shirt, you could look sharper and better dressed than the majority of men. But you can look and feel exceptionally good if you know how to layer clothes correctly.

B. 5 Layering Rules to Follow

1. Each Layer Should Be Practical

It is a general belief that outfits which are stylish can not be practical or comfortable and vice versa. However, in reality, the opposite is true. You would not wear sweaters and heavy jackets in summer and similarly neither would you wear thin clothes in winter. So, remember to layer your clothes according to the occasion and seasons as well. In summer, you can for thin light coloured layers that keep your skin safe from the intense heat and also help you look stylish at the same time.

If you decide that layering shirt over t shirt is the way to go, then wear a t-shirt as the bottom layer and a shirt on top of it. You should ask yourself if you would wear the shirt or the t-shirt on your own. This would make sure that the complete outfit does not look odd with the inclusion of just one piece of clothing. Other than this, if you have to take off a layer of clothing for some reason, you won’t be stuck wearing a piece of clothing that you are not comfortable wearing.

2. The Thinnest Layer Should Be At The Bottom And The Thickest At The Top

You should wholeheartedly follow this rule to stay comfortable while wearing layers. Wearing too many layers can get pretty warm, especially during summer. You should remember to wear lighter and thinner clothing items such as men's premium t-shirts or undershirts closer to your body as the bottom layer while incorporating jackets, windbreakers, sweaters etc. which are thicker and heavier as the top layer. So that you can take off a layer if you are feeling warm. Light t-shirts, undershirts, henley, cotton dress shirts etc make the best bottom layer, while denim or leather jackets, corduroy shirts, mufflers, woollen vests and sweaters are perfect for the middle or top layer.

3. There Should Be No More Than 3 Visible Layers

When it comes to layering t-shirts, subtly is the key. If you don’t layer enough, you might not look as stylish as you would want, but if you overdo it, you would look like a heap of clothes. The general rule of thumb is to not wear more than three visible layers of clothing. Other than looking bad, wearing too many layers might reduce your mobility and increase your body temperature rapidly. This can be harmful to your health. If you feel three layers are too much, you can also just stop at two layers of clothing.

4. Incorporate Multiple Textures And Fabrics

While buying the right shirts for layering, you must consider the material of the fabric, the quality of the fabric and its texture. Different fabrics give off different impressions and you must know what fabrics and textures blend well with each other to create an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable layering. There are so many fabrics and textures to choose from, such as wool, synthetic, cotton, cotton blend, knits, etc. each has its own unique aesthetics and can be incorporated for different occasions, looks and weather.

5. Mix Neutral Outer Layers With Colourful Inner Layers

A general rule of thumb to follow while layering outfits for men is that you should always put the most colourful piece of clothing at the bottom layer while gradually shifting to neutral colours such as black, white, grey, beige etc. for the upper layer. However, in recent times this rule is often broken and hence, you should not shy away from experimenting to see what suits you the best. You should also keep in mind that the number of brightly coloured clothes should be kept to a minimum. A colourful piece of clothing item or an accessory is a statement piece and there should be only one statement piece in your attire.

C. Additional Layering Tips To Keep In Mind

1. Best Fabrics For Layering

Before you start building your outfit, consider the fabrics of each individual item. This will help you with our second rule of layering. Use premium shirts for men with the thinnest and lightest fabric as the inner layer and add thicker clothes on top.

2. Best Colours For Layering

Remember our fifth rule of layering? Those who are trying to incorporate layering in their daily attire for the first time should strictly follow the rule, however, if you are feeling a bit creative you can incorporate different shades of colours in various layers of your outfit.

3. Best Accessories For Layering

Accessories can make a huge difference in your attire.  These small things like gloves, hats, caps, watches, bracelets, etc. can add more layers without violating our third rule of layering.

Layering is one of the few ways you can style your shirts and outfits. Want some other fashion tips that will help you stand out? Then you can read our style guide, 8+ Men's Fashion Tips To Master The Art Of Dressing Well.

D. Conclusion

To sum up, layering can be a very interesting tool for anyone who is trying to raise his style quotient. It is a practical style technique which if done properly can positively change your look making you look more stylish and mature.

Use the above tips as a guide to layering in the best possible way for formal or even casual wear for menHowever remember these rules aren't laws, be creative, experiment with your look and wear what makes you feel comfortable.



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