Baby's First Winter: How to Protect Newborns in Cold Weather

Baby's First Winter: How to Protect Newborns in Cold Weather

Looking after newborns during their first winters can be a tough task. As their immune system is not strong, you need to take appropriate precautions to protect them from the punishing cold winds. To this end, here are a few baby care tips for the winter season that first-time parents should keep in mind.

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A] How to Protect Newborns in Cold Weather?

  1. Daily Massage:

    Pediatricians recommend daily massages for babies, especially when the outside air gets chilly. A gentle body massage will stimulate the blood flow and boost the little one’s immune system. To keep the baby warm and cozy, massage them at least twice a day. Use natural oils to massage in the morning so that the baby's skin stays hydrated. At night, use a moisturizing baby body oil to massage their chest, neck, back and feet.
  1. Dress your baby in layers:

    Layers are excellent protection that can be removed or added to find the right comfort level. Babies should be dressed up in at least as many layers as they are comfortable. A thin onesie with a long-sleeve shirt & pants and a sweater or a sweatshirt is a good start. You can also use gloves or mittens and caps or boots.
  1. Cleansing and Moisturizing:

    A newborn baby’s skin is sensitive, making it prone to dry, itchy, scaly skin that often goes hand-in-hand with the cold temperature. To keep their tender skin protected, give them baths every three days. After you pat your little one dry, apply a fragrance-free baby lotion. For babies, ointment like moisturizer is better than creams, as they do a better job at locking the moisture in.
  1. Avoid Heavy Blankets:

    If you think wrapping a heavy blanket around a child will keep them warm and make them sleep better, think again. A blanket that is heavy for you will be heavier for a child. Instead, it is better to use a humidifier and a light blanket. A light blanket will allow the child to move & shift freely and sleep comfortably throughout the night.
  1. Personal Hygiene:

    A lack of personal hygiene will only make things worse for the baby. Adhere to the basics of personal hygiene, such as keeping your little one's hands clean. Avoid taking your baby to a crowded place, and keep them away from those who have a cold & cough.
  1. Adjust the Indoor temperature:

    Worried about the baby getting too cold? Well, too much indoor heat is also not recommended. Indoor heating results in low humidity, which could dry the baby’s delicate skin. Hence, keep the indoor temperature warm but not too hot. As your little one sleeps, you could lower the thermostat a bit.
  1. Timely Vaccinations:

    A child's immunity decreases during the winter season, and they may fall sick too often. As such, skipping vaccination should not be an option. Regardless of what time of the year it is, ensure your baby gets his/her timely shots. This will boost their immunity and protect them from seasonal infections.
  1. Look for warning signs:

    In cases where your child starts shivering or his hand, feet and face are cold or turn red, bring them inside immediately. Do not rub the cold area to warm it, as it could damage the skin. Instead, use a warm cloth to infuse heat and dress your child in a bodysuit.

B] Baby Winter Clothes: What Should They Wear?

Newborn winter outfits are designed keeping their comfort in mind. There are many winter clothes for babies that you can pick. But, how to dress a baby to keep the cold away depends on different scenarios. For example, for indoors, a long-sleeve t-shirt and long pants would suffice. However, for the outdoors, you should opt for layers.

  1. Indoor Clothes:

    It can be tempting to wrap your baby when you're indoors but do not go overboard. Remember the thumb rule applies indoors too. If you are comfortable in two layers of clothing, your kid may require three layers.
  • To check if the baby is cold or hot, place your hand on his/her tummy or back, which should be warm but not sweaty.
  • Keeping the child from becoming too warm is vital when they are resting since overheating can contribute to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
  • Remove a layer of clothing if you observe signs of overheating, such as sweating, damp hair, flushed cheeks or rapid breathing.
  1. Outdoor Clothes:

    While travelling with the newborn baby in the car, use a blanket or a coat. Once the car heats up, remove the coat or blanket if the baby seems warm. Taking the baby out for a walk? Dress them in a long-sleeve t-shirt and a winter jacket. If needed, add a sweater or a coat to your baby's outfit, along with mittens, a snug-fitting cap and boots.
  • Winter Clothing For Babies

  • Two-piece jumper set for a baby girl:

    No matter if your little dumpling is napping or playing with her favorite doll, this jumpsuit is an ideal winter baby dress for indoors. This lilac jumper comes with an elasticated waist and a round neck t-shirt with short sleeves.
  • Spaceman hoodie set for a baby boy:

    If you are looking for winter wear for a baby boy, check out this outfit. This two-piece spaceman set includes a hoodie with long sleeves and a pair of joggers with ribbed elastic waistband and false drawstrings. The t-shirt features a frontal print of an astronaut in space.
  • Pink three-piece set for a baby girl:

    Want to dress your little princess in a smart, stylish outfit, take a look at this three-piece outfit in pink that comes with a round neck t-shirt, contrasting drawstring pants, and a matching headband. It features frontal embroidery with ruffled shoulders and is available for kids aged 3 to 18 months.
  • Navy set with a quilted bomber jacket for a baby boy:

    Let your child be safe and warm in this three-piece navy set that comes with a round cardigan neck t-shirt, a jogger and a quilted bomber jacket with a front zipper. These winter clothes for a baby boy is suitable for casual wear. 
  • Bunny two-piece cotton set for a baby girl:

    This cool and sassy two-piece bodysuit comes with a round neckline and snap-button shoulder. Be worry-free as your baby crawls around the whole house wearing her cute pink bunny set. During the winter, add a jacket or a coat to the baby's outfit to keep them warm.



No matter the season, caring for a newborn can be overwhelming. With the threat of icy temperature and whipping wind, all parents want to keep their baby in hibernation till summer. Winters can indeed be tough on newborn babies. But, with the right winter wear for baby girl and baby boy, you can avoid all risks to your baby's health. Don't forget that precaution is better than cure.


Read our guide on how to choose suitable clothing for babies to make an informed decision. Also, along with winter clothes for babies, follow the tips mentioned above to keep your child protected during the winter season.

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