7 Tips For Selecting the Ideal Stay at Home Outfits For Kids

7 Tips For Selecting the Ideal Stay at Home Outfits For Kids

Kids are active and boisterous. As such, while selecting stay at home outfits for kids, comfort should be given top priority. Comfy clothes ensure they are calm, playful and less irritable. Also, during vacation time, when kids spend most of their time at home, simple, soft and stretchable clothes are the best as they are well-suited for a variety of activities.

Tips For Selecting Stay at Home Outfits For Kids

1. Choose the clothes material based on the season

During summer, ensure your kid wears lightweight clothes that absorb sweat and have enough room for movement. During winter, let the kids wear jackets, coats, woolen thermals, warm socks and sweaters to keep them warm.  During monsoon, kids need to wear clothes that dry quickly to prevent rashes.

2. Wearing something comfortable

Comfortable home clothes for kids include three factors:

  • Lightweight: Select lightweight clothes that allow for free movement. Lightweight material such as cotton is ideal for kids’ clothes. They help keep the kids cool and provide enhanced comfort. Wearing oversized tops or t-shirts during summer also helps in air circulation.  
  • Breathable material: Select cotton, khadi or linen material that is breathable. These materials prevent skin rashes and allergies. Breathable material also allows heat to escape and absorb sweat keeping the kid dry.

Stretchy material for extra comfort: Clothes made from stretchy material make it comfortable for a kid to sit on the floor or bend or stretch while playing. It also makes it easier for the kid to move around, ensuring a happy day for all.

3. Adjustable waistline and size

An adjustable waistline is of utmost importance while selecting clothes for kids. If the waistline is tight, it can cause discomfort. Thus, choose clothes with an adjustable waistline. Try and select kids clothes that are one size bigger for extra comfort. Baggy, oversized clothes are also excellent, especially for picnics or while going to the beach.

4. Comfy clothes to wear at home for kids

4.1] Stay at-home clothes for boys

  • T-shirt with shorts: A comfortable polo neck t-shirt paired with shorts is a perfect outfit for home wear. It is comfortable, light and boys’ favourite.
  • T-shirt with joggers or track pants: Joggers and tracks will give that extra stretch and comfort to the outfit. Pair the joggers with any printed t-shirt or striped t-shirt to add more colour to the outfit. The cotton material of the joggers allows air circulation and prevents chafing.
  • Linen shirt with cotton shorts: Linen is the most comfortable fabric anyone can wear. It is lightweight, absorbs sweat, allows air circulation and is soft on the skin. Pair your linen shirts with cotton shorts. Cotton shorts help the kid to maintain body temperature and make it comfortable to sit on the floor for any activity.

4.2] Stay at-home clothes for girls

  • Cotton frocks: Cotton frocks are light to wear, soft on the skin, trendy and very comfortable for girls to wear. Pair frocks with crocs or sneakers to complete the look.
  • Knee-length dresses: Knee-length dresses give enough space for movement. They are comfortable to wear throughout the day. These dresses also add an element of style statement.
  • T-shirt with shorts: A T-shirt helps the skin breathe, keeps kids cool and is very comfortable. Pair a t-shirt with pull-up shorts made from cotton material. This outfit is easy to wear and remove.
  • Top with skirts: A cotton knee-length skirt with a fancy top is one of the best comfortable clothes to wear at home.
  • Wrap-around skirts with top: The biggest advantage of a wrap-around skirt is that it can be adjusted according to your child’s comfort. Wrap it in different forms to keep the fun quotient alive. Pair the skirt with fashionable tops to enhance the look.
  • Jumpsuit: Jumpsuits are a very comfortable outfit for girls. It makes sitting on the floor easy. It is lightweight, soft on the skin and is one of the cute, comfy outfits for girls.
  • Skirt Dangri: Skirt dangris made of cotton or denim are also comfortable enough to wear at home. Pair it with a striped t-shirt or check t-shirt or plain white t-shirt for a homely comfortable look.


5. Importance of colours depending on the season

Summer depicts the vibrant nature of kids. Try and select bright, neon or pastel shades for the kids during summers. Winter needs dark solid colours that can help retain the body heat. During monsoon, subtle, earthy colours are ideal.

6. Layering depending on the season

Summers do not need extra layering. Single cotton, lightweight and breathable material are enough. In winters, depending upon the temperature, layer your kid as per the kid’s comfort level. During the daytime in winter, a single layer or a light jacket is sufficient. As the night arrives, add an extra layer to beat the chill weather. During monsoon, the weather can become windy and chilly. So, let the kid wear a light jacket or coat for added warmth.

7. Select appropriate outfits according to the time of the day

Kids are most active during the daytime. Hence, for a daytime outfit, choose stretchable material that makes movement easy. While sleeping at night, kids need a cosy atmosphere. So, select soft, lightweight and warm clothes for enhanced sleep.

Final word

The most comfortable clothing for kids is one that is simple, comfy and durable. Stay at home outfits for kids needs to be casual, not trendy. It needs to be loose and gentle on the skin, as the kids are likely to wear them throughout the day. Also, comfy clothes ensure that the kids can play around freely, without any restrictions.

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