3 ways to keep your little rebel’s attention during lockdown (without bribing them with sugar)

3 ways to keep your little rebel’s attention during lockdown (without bribing them with sugar)

The pandemic came with a lot of rules and instructions on what to do and what not to do. But it seems like the “How to manage the hell raisers while they’re home every second of the day” guide got lost in the mail. We’ve all had our zoom calls interrupted by a tantrum enough times now so we’re here to lend a hand! Here are a few ways to make sure your little rebels never feel bored again

Build a routine together. 

Usually, both you and your kid have a pretty set routine. But the P-word has thrown that into a loop. Still, it’s essential to build a new routine together. That structure will not only keep them busy but also make things feel more like normal. Break down their day into different activities like craft time, playtime, watching time, and our personal favorite, nap time. Chores are another great way for you and them to spend some time together (and make them a lot more fun). An extra hand around the house always beats doing the dishes alone

Start something new, together

Instead of trying to get them to do something you like or vice versa, find a middle ground that’s new for both of you. It could be anything from building Lego sets to cooking to origami. The important thing is doing it together. Spending that quality time with each other will make your relationship with them that much stronger and actually help you learn who they are, and vice versa. After all, every Jedi needs a good Padawan!

Organize virtual playdates: 

School was where we made our first friends and actually started interacting with people our age. But since that’s not happening right now, keeping that social interaction alive is more important than ever. We’re not saying it’s time to throw caution to the wind and head out mask-less (please stay indoors and safe) but we can try to replicate the interaction virtually. Plan a movie-watching party with their buds or post-lunch book club to help them build their relationships and not hang out with their mom or dad. Works for both sides!

It’s hard being a parent right now. And it’s usually hard being a parent even when there isn’t a global pandemic going on outside. But we know that you guys are absolutely killing it and growing alongside your kids too! Sure there’ll be some missteps here and there but hey, that’s what a second child is for (we kid). We’ll make it through this in one piece and hopefully make some memories on the way as well. 

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